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Mountains of Great and Small Fatra are as well as attractive and interesting karst formations known and numerous waterfalls, springs and small waterfalls. Many of them are lost in the underground and elsewhere to turn onto the surface. One of the activities of members of Speleo Caving Club Turiec is a mapping and documenting these flows. I have added to this activity in a frosty winter Sunday when we spoon together with people choosing to symbolically most famous and highest waterfall in Small Fatra – Sutovsky waterfall. Sutovsky is powered by water stream that you fall from a height of 38 meters. Due to prolonged frost falling water is only a few places emerged from the ice sheet, which gripped the entire waterfall and created an amazing fairytale scenery. We admired the sparkling, huge icicles, romantic transparent curtains, but also large ice jellyfish at the bottom. Sutovsky waterfall is a famous and crowded especially in the summer, but in winter it freezes longer offers an extraordinary experience.

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Much smaller and hidden from the eyes of tourists is a small waterfall in one of the side valleys Belianska valley. To do this, we went to Lubo in autumn last year. Potok here falls into several small cascades from a height of about 12 to 15 meters. Interesting is also his surrounding rock scene. On its left side is white cliffs towering to a great height. Along with splashing water prepadajúcou down through the stone threshold, colorful autumn foliage, nature, rocks overgrown with thick, green moss and mysterious atmosphere of valleys, creating interesting theater.

That day we went to one more waterfall, such shelters that we did not we would not see. And because it is produced only by large flows of water after heavy rain and spring snowmelt. Located at the end of the Sucha valleys, stretching parallel to the valley, where we admired the previous waterfall. Finally, Suchy valleys are impressive cliffs with overhangs and a few larger and smaller holes at different heights. When you create a waterfall, falls into the depths of the rock wall, goes underground and rises to the surface about 80 meters below. From this springs then no water flow as the bed of a stream.

On our little adventures, I realized how mysterious, diverse and for most of us life is completely unknown waters, which are born in Fatra and underground or surface travels „Turcianska garden“ and live fields, meadows … To at least unveiled its little secrets, be sure to choose again for waterfalls and springs in the mountains that surround us.

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