Peaks of FATRA – Ploska

The interesting top of the main ridge of the Great Fatra Far circular view – Ploska, lead from Turiec by two marked hiking paths. One Belianska valley, the other valley Necpalska. I chose the third way. I chose it mainly because they are less than Turiec one, which is in short winter days, an important factor for the return of calm and comfort. But the tour is also Liptov prettier, offers interesting perspectives, especially in the Black Stone.

Galéria Ploska

The distinctive piedmont Liptovské Revúce as a Slav village is the oldest written record of the year 1233. In the 15th century settlement mentioned in connection with the processing of copper ore mined in Spania valley. Revúcka valley led the old royal road from Krakow through Liptov Šturec in Banska Bystrica. Citizens in Revuca often lived as carters. After building a new road from Ruzomberok to B. Bystrica lose this way of living.

I parked the car at the top end of the chapel. It starts with a yellow-marked trail after that I went on a pad. It was a beautiful, sunny, winter day and I was after the first climb could rejoice in the village views from the air. Then the journey was mostly snowy forest. I emerged from it over and over peak Magura right side opened my outlook on Rakytov. On the way up I passed the hut. In summer it is full of life, now covered in snow, looked abandoned. Above it, I went back into the forest. I went from under his black stone and there I found myself in the beautiful scenery.


Rocky rise to this state of primeval nature reserve stand of spruce, wheat flour, sycamore and a rich understory of spruce and mountain pine was all covered with white duvet. Virginal purity of snow erode only after skiing fresh tracks. Admiring the panorama of the Black Stone, I got up to the saddle pad. Fo a while I rested, took pictures. Then I went towards the top of the pad, which really is Flat, but winter is not as safe as it seems. Line the perimeter of the top of a large slope failure and avalanche gully. Path to the summit is marked by bars, with one of them sticking out of the snow with yellow warning table – Avalanche risk. A look at traffic, it is clear from what he warns. The slope can be seen that there is a large avalanche started. But along the rods safely receive up to 1532 meters to the finish my tour today.

View from the pad is really great it can be seen not only in the Veká Fatra butalso  Mala Fatra, Low Tatras and the peaks of the High Tatras. At the height of the wind was blowing pretty strong, so I came down from it a bit lower towards Chyžky, Kyška. Here I am in the relative standing leeward afternoon, I made some pictures views on Borišov and Krížna  and slowly took back. Sun through the day on the slopes warmed, drowning surface snow and the wind in the winter and getting freeze turned into thousands nails, sharp as a razor. I admire this rapid change, dwindling shoot as the sun came down. From the saddle the soles are coming back for the same yellow mark, after which I picked up in the morning.

Ján Farský

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