Let’s visit museums – every first sunday is entrance free

The ministry of Culture – Marek Maďarič decided to extend the possibility of free admission on this day for visitors to museums, falling under the competence of the Ministry of Culture. This will also affect the town of Martin, where several museums are located under the authority of the Slovak National Museum. These museums are Ethnography Museum, Andrej Kmet, Museum of Slovak village, Museum of Martin Benka Martin, Charles Plicka Museum in Blatnica, the Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia, the Museum of Roma Culture in Slovakia.

„Making the museum is free for foreign small step, but a big step for Slovakia.“ By comparison, currently working abroad free access to 25 years for the people of the EU to promote interest in culture among young people. And it increases traffic and abroad.

Details of opening hours and conditions of entry visitors will find on the websites of museums and the National Gallery website.

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